Majuu Live Radio / TV is a media station hosted in United States of America. The website is designed and developed by Byno Ltd.

You can watch or listen to the station live on the website or on facebook. Open the website to view the their shows schedule and hosts.

Remember to subscribe to their youtube channel, Like their social media platforms and share their content with your friends.

TV Hosts

You can view the web page via www.majuuliveshow.com

To order the same type of website contact us via 0708217574 Or View our pricing

Budget for Majuu Live Radio / TV

Domain Name    : Kes. 1,000/=

Hosting                : Kes. 6,000/=

Web Design        : Kes. 18,000/=

SEO                      :  Kes. 14,000/=

EMAILS              :  Kes. 1,000/=

TOTAL COST  : 50,000/=

The renewal fee for majuu live annually is 20,000/=

Monthly Web Maintenance is 5,000/= but it’s (optional)

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